Other spring coil shoes are flat, smashing your fat pad. KuruSole™ technology uniquely adapts to the shape of your foot, allowing your fat pad to absorb impacts.



Coil Impact Shoes: What You Need to Know

Considering all of the time we spend walking and standing on hard, flat surfaces each day, it’s no wonder our bodies are challenged to put up with impacts.

Nature put fat pads under your feet. These fat pads are designed to absorb impact. However, when wearing flat shoes, such as coil shoes and impact shoes, this fat pad is smashed and flattened. Coil spring shoes may reduce impacts, but they are still flat inside, which may be damaging to your fat pad as you age. This may still cause serious discomfort, difficult to treat foot pain, or even complications with your body alignment.

What if there was a superior solution designed to work with nature? Imagine how much healthier your body would feel. The only real, lasting solution is to get nature back to doing what it does best.

KURU shoes are optimized to keep your fat pad under your heel bone where nature intended. Through a unique, patent-pending cupping action, KURU shoes help keep your fat pad under your heel bone. This amazingly simple, yet profoundly revolutionary concept helps your body absorb impacts unlike anything else.

Superior Impact Shoes

KURU shoes are the only shoe built with the powerful KuruSole™ technology. Designed by some of the brightest minds in medicine, physical therapy and footwear geniuses, KURU shoes are the first shoe designed to dynamically adapt to the natural contours of your feet for superior impact absorbing power. After all, your body is far more perfectly designed than coil spring shoes.

"Not only have I gotten a bunch of compliments on the design and look of the shoe, I have been extremely pleased with the comfort. I have struggled with foot pain for a while now and...after a few days, I can see a definite difference!" Tracey

KURU promises the power of a shoe that forms to your foot for lasting comfort and support during any activity. Coil sneakers and z spring shoes simply can not match the breakthrough support, comfort, and impact protection of KURU.


Shop the Best Impact Shoes

All KURU shoes promise the proven benefits of our revolutionary patent-pending KuruSole™ Technology.

Special Support

KURU goes a step further than coil spring shoes by embedding medical-grade orthotic support in each shoe through a custom orthotic footbed that adapts to your feet.

The unique HeelKradl™ cups your heel to allow nature to absorb shock better than any coil spring shoes.

Designed for Your Foot

So many shoes promise a more natural, custom fit, but KURU is the only shoe with a patent-pending technology designed to form to the contours of your foot.

This powerful, anatomically correct shape dynamically flexes to your feet for unsurpassed comfort with a barefoot like feel that spring coil shoes simply can not replicate.

Unbelievable Technology

When you slip on a pair of KURU shoes, you will not believe how much better it is having a shoe that is constructed around the unique shape of your foot. It is almost impossible to overstate the tremendous benefits, especially if you use your feet regularly throughout the day.

KURU shoes promise the proven support of orthotics for your heel and arch with natural forefoot flexibilty in the forefoot. This dynamic duo of innovation is a significant improvement over zcoil shoes and other spring coil shoes.

Ready for Amazing?

With KURU, you get practical style and amazing versatility. You will not find frumpy springs or coils that add bulk to your shoes.

Your life should not be put on hold because of uncomfortable coil sneakers or foot pain. KURU shoes are multi-functional, just like your life. With KURU, you will effortlessly transitions from one activity to another without even giving a second thought to your shoes.

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