The amazing KURUSOLE™. Designed by experts to dynamically adapt to your feet for complete comfort. Theirs don't do that.


Recent Reviews

  • "Absolutely terrific--comfortable all day long, great traction and support for uneven terrain!"


  • "The rave reviews are true!"


  • "Very comfortable out of the box...the perfect travel shoe."

    Graffiti Wall: Best Walking Shoes,

  • "These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn."


  • "OMG, what an amazingly comfortable and supportive shoe!!"


Experts' Corner

At KURU, we challenged some of the brightest minds we could find to create phenomenally comfortable shoes that surpass what was thought possible.

After years of development, the revolutionary KURUSOLE™ technology debuted creating smart shoes that shape themselves to your feet. KURU has transformed the lives of thousands.


How Nature Cushions Your Body

The human foot is an amazing creation of nature, serving as the necessary foundation for the rest of the human body. The key is to realize the human foot not only supports, but also cushions the body.

Nature evolved your feet by including a soft, one inch thick, fatty tissue under the heel bone. This fat pad serves to absorb every step.

The modern world has thrown a curveball to nature. Nature didn't anticipate all the flat and unforgiving surfaces we walk on every day. Whether it is concrete, carpet or marble, these flat surfaces flatten the fat pad, significantly reducing your fat pad's ability to cushion your every step.

KURU shoes are built on the world's best technology for the human foot. As shown in the animation above, KURU actually cups nature's fat pad. By magically flexing inward with every single step, your fat pad is enabled to cushion your every step.

It's no wonder more experts endorse KURU as the most comfortable shoes available.


The Experts Chime In

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    Recent Reviews

    "Absolutely terrific--comfortable all day long, great traction and support for uneven terrain!"
    "The rave reviews are true!"
    "Very comfortable out of the box...the perfect travel shoe."
    Graffiti Wall: Best Walking Shoes,
    "These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn."
    "OMG, what an amazingly comfortable and supportive shoe!!"