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What Benefits Come From Best Shock Absorbing Shoes?

How would it be to live an active life pain free? Every time you take a step, you are putting weight equal up to 20 times your bodyweight, on your heels. Your feet have natural heel fat pads that act as natural shock absorbers, but without the best shock absorbing shoes, high impact activities can cause a lot of damage to your feet, ankles, knees, and even further up the body. Read on to see how you can benefit from the best shock absorbing shoes.

BY Kim Andrews

If you are an active runner or athletic person, and have not provided your feet with the best shock absorbing shoes, you have probably had to deal with many aches and pains or injuries in your feet, ankles, knees, or hips. Also known as flat feet, overpronation is a problem that occurs when a person’s arch collapses upon weight bearing. Overpronation itself is often harmless, but it can cause pain and injuries throughout the body’s kinetic chain. The overpronation of the ankle joint rotates inward and can lead to knee pain. From there, the upper leg can be affected and the hip can be misaligned. Once the hips become misaligned, this can cause the lower back to twist, creating a chain of problems that can occur from overpronation. Some of the best ways to prevent overpronation is having the best shock absorbing shoes on your feet or quality orthotics. Both of these can help to realign your kinetic chain so you can enjoy a pain free life. Here are some ways you can benefit from KURU’s best shock absorbing shoes.

If you are not protecting your feet and heel fat pads with the best shock absorbing shoes, this can cause many foot and health problems.

Best Shock Absorbing Shoes Fact #1:

With all the hours we spend on our feet and walking on uneven surfaces, our feet need the best shock absorbing shoes to protect the natural heel fat pad as well as the rest of the body. There are many shock absorbing shoes out there, but they do not provide the much needed comfort and stability needed on a day to day basis. If you are searching for the best shock absorbing shoes for your feet, we can help!

  • KURU’s innovative KURUSOLE™ technology provides you with ultimate comfort and the very best shock absorbing shoes for your feet. Because all of our shoes have a medical-grade orthotic built in, the best shock absorbing shoes from KURU can be very helpful in preventing many foot conditions such as overpronation, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or tendonitis. With the best shock absorbing shoes, quality arch support, and stability, your body can be realigned from the feet up. This can provide you with much needed pain relief for less pain and more energy and mobility so you can feel great as you walk, run, exercise, or go wherever your feet take you.

With KURU shoes, you get the best shock absorbing shoes plus the added benefit of an orthotic midsole that shapes to the contours of your foot.

Best Shock Absorbing Shoes Fact #2:

If you are on your feet for long periods of time, you know that shoes for support are an important component when it comes to great foot health. Your best shock absorbing shoes can and should provide you with ultimate support for your everyday needs.

  • Another great component to KURU’s innovative technology and best shock absorbing shoes is a deep heel cup that is designed to cradle your heels and adapt to your feet as you walk. With this amazing technology, KURU shoes mold to your feet and provide premium shock absorption with every step you take, so you have added energy to do more and go longer without unwanted pain setting in.

Best Shock Absorbing Shoes Fact #3:

As if we had not provided enough technology in our best shock absorbing shoes, KURU does not stop there. KURU shoes have an amazing lightweight feel that keeps you feeling refreshed so you can enjoy an improved quality of life as you happily keep your active lifestyle going without pain and discomfort.

Get your life back today by trying a pair of KURU’s best shock absorbing shoes so you can feel better and get going again!

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