Style / August 17, 2013

Vegan Shoes: Shoes to Support Your Lifestyle

You have chosen a road less traveled. Sometimes, that lifestyle makes things hard for you. Nearly everything contains some type of animal byproduct, including your shoes. We have a pair of vegan shoes you’ll love. Let us convince you.

BY Brae Bennion

Whether you chose your vegan lifestyle to maintain your health and wellness, or because you have different beliefs about life than most others do, you made that choice with a lot of thought and research. You knew your choice might pose some difficulties. KURU can make your lifestyle a little easier on you.

KURU’s Exclusive Vegan Shoes

You heard us, right? KURU offers vegan shoes-- shoes that promise a complete lack of animal byproduct. No leather. No glue made from animals either. Cross our hearts!

Vegan Shoes Made From Entirely Synthetic Materials

Vegan Shoes with Synthetic Uppers

KURU’s KINETIC walking shoes have uppers made from synthetic materials such as microsuede and synthetic air mesh commonly used in high performance running shoes for unmatched breathability.

KURU’s vegan shoes are devoid of any animal byproduct. We only use the best synthetic materials available for our KINETIC walking shoes.

These vegan shoes provide powerful comfort and quality while living up to your high standards.

Vegan Shoes with Synthetic Midsoles

KURU’s vegan shoes offer KURUSOLE™ technology sculpted into the synthetic midsole. With the natural anatomy of your foot in mind, KURU’s vegan shoes offer arch foot support to protect your feet from the pain of plantar fasciitis and fallen arches.

Over time, KURU’s unique memory foam insole will mold to your unique foot for a comfort that lasts. You can’t find this kind of comfort and quality in any other vegan shoe.

Furthermore, you will love our vegan shoes for our KURUSOLE™ heel support, which cups your heel to cushion every step you take, and prevent pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Incredible stability and support accompanies these world's most comfortable vegan shoes with a synthetic footbed.

From top to bottom, KURU’s vegan shoes are animal byproduct free. The bottoms of your vegan shoes from KURU provide sturdy, reliable traction for any terrain you might be tackling every day in your active lifestyle.

Trust KURU to Support Your Lifestyle With Our Vegan Shoes

At KURU, we support healthy living and green lifestyles. We know you will love the quality and comfort you’ll find in our vegan shoes. What’s more, we know you’ll love the superior fit and feel you know you can’t find anywhere else.

Come and try a pair of KURU’s vegan shoes and discover why they are considered the world's best comfort shoes!

Why did you become a Vegan? What influenced your choice? Give us a comment below!