Health / April 09, 2013

Plantar Fasciitis Pain: The Miracle Stretch That Actually Helps

Plantar fasciitis pain can slow down even the most determined of souls. But this easy stretch can get you up and running again.

BY Kristi

Stretches for plantar fasciitis (or heel pain) are a dime a dozen. And if you suffer from pain caused by plantar fasciitis, I bet you’ve tried almost anything and everything to relieve it. You may have even considered selling a kidney to treat it. But before you can benefit from plantar fasciitis treatment, you need to know what causes the pain.

The plantar fascia ligament connects your heel bone to your toes and essentially supports the arch of your foot. But when you strain it, your foot gets angry by becoming weak, swollen and irritated. And if you continue to strain it, the ligament can physically tear. The result is a very unhappy heel, thus making you unhappy whenever you walk or stand.

But never fear! There is a stretch you can do that will not only relieve plantar fasciitis pain, but allow you to keep any body parts you’re thinking of selling. Historically plantar fasciitis exercises were centered around putting weight on your achilles tendon to relieve the pain. But this particular stretch actually targets the plantar fascia directly.

Make sure to do this stretch first thing in the morning before taking any steps anywhere.

3 Steps To Performing Plantar Fasciitis Pain Stretch

1. Cross one leg over the other.

2. Proceed to pull your toes toward your shin.

3. Hold the position while you count to ten and then repeat approximately ten times.

Be sure to have comfortable, supportive shoes. If your pain persists, you may need a special orthopedic shoe. Try a pair of KURU shoes for an extra comfortable and supportive fit!

Make sure to do this stretch first thing in the morning before taking any steps anywhere. Do it 3 more times throughout the day. When coupled with extensive amounts of sitting, this stretch has proven to relieve plantar fasciitis pain significantly.

Don’t let your irritated heel slow you down. With a little bit of stretching and rest, you’ll rebound from plantar fasciitis pain and be back to running around in no time. And your feet will show their gratitude by running around with you!

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